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  • Shruti Saha

    Shruti Saha

  • Giulia Merlo

    Giulia Merlo

    Head of User Research & Design @citizensadvice | Formerly of CRUK | Co-Chair of BIMA Charities Council | Feminist, European, passionate about pizza & Beyonce

  • WuQing Hipsh

    WuQing Hipsh

  • Val Mitchell

    Val Mitchell

  • Anchit Som

    Anchit Som

    Service Designer @ Royal College of Art

  • Onur Kocan

    Onur Kocan

    Design Strategist — Design Research / Product Design / Design Innovation / Human-centered-design / Service Design

  • Catherine Howe

    Catherine Howe

    I'm all about thinking, doing, multidisciplinary practice and being kind…in a socio-technical way

  • Richard Rutter

    Richard Rutter

    Cofounder of @clearleft, author of @WebTypography, designer of digital things. Please patronise responsibly.

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